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Day 30 – Feelin’ Icky

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

Today my alarm went off at 6am and I felt horrible.  It was a combination of a sore throat and extra mucas hanging around in my mouth.  I went to bed at 11pm last night and was feeling fine. 

So probably one of the biggest benefits I received from my Graves Disease is that when your body needs to rest, let it rest.  I was raised to fight through it and be strong–push your body to the limit.  But sometimes the stronger thing is to obey your body’s signs of needing rest.  I had a pretty uneventful day today until my class tonight, so I decide to sleep another hour and a half and see if I was feeling better for the 9am class.

Rabbit Pose

Rabbit Pose

Sure enough, when I woke up at 8am, I felt better.  Weird.  But I still do not feel 100%, but the 90 minute class at 9am was great.  It kicked my ass.  I haven’t had a class kick my ass in awhile.  It is such a difference in the morning between 6:30am and 9am.  The 6:30am classes are mostly dudes and the 9am classes are mostly chicks.  In fact, I am pretty sure that my entire class today was all women.  I remember when I took Yoga in grad school – I went to the same studio, but I was in grad school.  I would go to the 9ams and wonder what all the people in that class did for a living.  Of course, I assumed because they were mostly women that they were homemakers or retired, but surely some of them are not.  I am curious what profession they have to be able to go to that class.

I did talk to Elizabeth behind me today.  She and I usually talked before class a few years ago when I was still going to that studio.  I said hello to her a few weeks ago in class and today we talked again.  I mentioned to her that I always wonder what everyone in the class does for a living that they can be there in the morning from 9am to 10:30am.  She said she wondered the same thing.  She mentioned that she had just quit her job as a VP of Finance with a company downtown a year ago…and said, “Life is too short to be miserable every day!”  Reminds me of my experience at the company I used to work for.  Maybe someday I will slowly make my way around the class and figure out what everyone does.

Today’s pose is Rabbit Pose or Sasangasana.  This is another love/hate relationship I have with a Bikram yoga pose.  The idea of this pose is to get your rear end “blossoming” to the ceiling.  I think one teacher in class once said, “Your asshole should blossom.”  An interesting concept.  Of course, she was Russian, so perhaps something is lost in translation there.  Nonetheless, this is a miserable pose for breathing when you have a well-endowed chest.  But in time, as your endurance builds, it certainly gets better. 


Day 9 – Worried

Thursday, January 14th, 2010

I’m wondering if I will get to the point where I run out of words to describe my yoga session, like the title, “Day 9 – Worried”.  Yesterday‘s was “crowded”. 

I made the huge mistake of checking my e-mail on my iPhone this morning before getting out of bed.  I always get up at 6am to get to these classes on time.  The Monday, Wednesday and Friday classes start at 6:20am, so I am usually running around like a crazy woman to get there on time, whereas the Tuesday and Thursday classes start at 6:30am.  So I have an additional 10 minutes in bed. 

I am really into Ragdoll cats.  I have two.  I just lost my 19-year old Ragdoll, Rags, in March 2009.  So I have a website about Ragdoll cats and I also particpate in a number of discussion boards.  Well, it so happens, that one of the people on the board mentioned how her cat has HCM and her cat is related to one of my cats (like 1/4 related), and another breeder mentioned how I should ask for gene testing and all this stuff.  Not only does it worry me to lose my cat, but also to have yet another problem to worry about.  I just got over Graves Disease and lost a lot of good people in my life last year to death, so I am ready to have a good year and don’t need something like that to slow me down.

So, unfortunately, as a result I had an icky feeling in my stomach the entirety of the yoga practice.  I was so wishing today was 60 minutes, but sure enough it was 90 minutes. 

Awkward Pose

Awkward Pose

I was a mess – unbalanced, annoyed, figidity, anxious.  It was not a good day for yoga, my friends.  Also, I am beginning to wonder if 5 times a week is too much.  Input please.  The reaosn being is that I seem to be tighter in my postures, rather than more limber.  I look forward to Monday to see if the two days of rest will yield results.  Of course, though, tomorrow is Friday, so I will need to get through that first!

Today’s photo is of the Awkward Pose.  And boy oh boy, do I look awkward!!  I did something to my left knee over Thanksgiving break, and it hasn’t completely healed, so I am not able to get as deep into the pose, as I would like.  You should see major invancement in this pose in the coming months.  At least I hope so.  Hasta mañana.