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Day 18 – Slacking

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

I am not slacking in yoga, but rather in writing on this blog.  I nearly let the entire day go by before I remember to type something!

I went to yoga today and then to my personal trainer and then spent the remainder of my morning and a decent part of the afternoon helping my mom with computers, her pets and her iPhone.  So it truly slowed me down in getting to my responsibilities of the day.  I always enjoy being with my mom, so it’s not a problem.

Bikram Triangle Pose

Bikram Triangle Pose

It’s ironic that today’s photo ends up being the Bikram Triangle pose (I am listing the daily photos in the Bikram yoga poses series – so that you know the order, as I am sure you are taking notes).  Anyway, today when I was doing the triangle I noticed that my belly had gone down!  YEAH!  Hello! On my way to becoming a hot yoga girl.

But don’t get too excited as my belly is still there and still reminding me of the work ahead of me, but I tell you what – having ten times more energy in class (because I am not taking toxic medication that is doing harm to my liver and kidneys) is really encouraging and gives me hope that I can get there some day soon.

I liked today’s class.  I am not sure why really…but one thing I was thinking about today in class was, “I wonder how many times instructors have seen my sweet ass camel toe.”  So those of you who are not aware of what camel toe is – it’s when your pants ride up into the creases of your vagina and what results for the onlooker is something similar to a camel’s toe.  HOT.  Smokin’ Hot! 

Instructors tell you not to figit, so I do my best not to pull my pants back down, but sometimes I cannot handle the appearance of my camel toe…which is something that never happens to me in regular pants…just my yoga ones.  So I sit in class wondering how many of them have seen it and then wonder if they wonder if I am aware of it or if they even notice.  It provides for some entertainment for me while in some of those postures.  In fact, sometimes my thoughts in yoga remind me a lot of the game, Pong, where the ball bounces around and around and you have a little thing that you have to line up with the ball so that it will continue to bounce around.  My thoughts are the ball and the little bar is reality.  Weird stuff.  I probably didn’t explain it right, but I am not sure if I care.  It’s late and I am tired and I just told the world that I have camel toe.

On another note, I cannot believe that January is almost over.  Two more days and 1 month is done for me for Yoga 2010…11 months to go.  Nuts.