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Day 77 – Cinder Blocks

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010
Eagle Pose - Garurasana

Eagle Pose - Garurasana

Yesterday I got up at 6am, excited to make it to my first Monday class in some time and guess what – got there and the parking lot was totally empty.  I was not a happy camper.  Truth be told, my soul is a night one and doesn’t appreciate the early morning wake-ups, but is willing to do it to have a more limber and flexible body. 

So I drove home and got back in bed and then hoped on the studio’s website to see if they were closed for Memorial Day.  Sorta pissed me off when I found out that they were only offering one class on Memorial Day at 10am (you know I’m not attending a class that is the only class of the day!  TOO MANY PEOPLE!) – which wasn’t on their website, but on their Facebook page.  I have no idea why the instructors last week couldn’t have passed that very useful information onto me!  Guess I should have known to check Facebook before going to the studio!

While I am assume there were signs posted, I have no idea why the studio owner wouldn’t have asked the instructors to announce it in their classes.  So maybe she did, and I don’t want to contact her and say anything in case she did exactly that and then the instructors get in trouble for not saying anything.  Oh well.

Eagle Pose - Garurasana

Eagle Pose - Garurasana

Today’s instructor was Lisa and there were only 3 other people in the class besides me!  You know I was in heaven!  Actually, one person came in late, so I thought that it was only going to be 2 people and me, but I was wrong…that’s fine though, still the small class that I adore.   It’s funny though because on the way to the studio this morning, I was thinking, “I wonder if there will be a lot of people missing today or if it will be super crowded.”  I was pleased when I pulled in at 6:25 for my 6:30 class and saw only 5 cars in the parking lot!

The reason for today’s title is because I decided it was a good idea last night to go for a run.  Haven’t done that in over a year, even though my knee is reaping the benefits of my stupid idea today, it did feel good.  My thighs haven’t had that sort of workout in awhile, so they feel like someone had me step into cinder blocks and walk about with them latched onto my thighs today.

Today’s pose is Eagle Pose or Garurasana.  Still trying to nail this one down with wrapping one foot behind the other calf.  All a matter of time, but I am limited in how far I can “sit down” in this posture because of my lovely left knee.