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Day 113 – Uneventful

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010
Tree Pose or Tadasana 8/10/10

Tree Pose or Tadasana 8/10/10

My neighbor two doors down loves to burn Piñon – at least that’s what I think they’re doing. Could be incense. I type my posts in my backyard on my iPhone while my cats run around (I don’t let them stay outside by themselves), and I’m smelling that wonderful New Mexico smell. Sure makes me miss New Mexico.

Today’s class was uneventful. I was in between two guys so once we got to the floor, the smell was worse than normal. But beyond that there wasn’t anything in particular.

Tree Pose or Tadasana 8/10/10

Tree Pose or Tadasana 8/10/10

My knees were super tight in hero’s pose which wasn’t fun. I almost asked for a block for help. I go toMayo on the 19th for my one-year thyroid re-check. I’ll totally be asking about my knees.

Today’s pose is Tree Pose or Tadasana. I’m still working on opening my hips so I can actually do this posture. I’m much better with my left hip than I am with my right.

Hoping to have the strength to go to tomorrow’s 90 minute 6am-er.


Day 84 – Wobble, Wobble

Friday, June 18th, 2010
Tree Pose or Tadasana

Tree Pose or Tadasana 5/12/10

Friday mornings I think have started to be my favorite classes.  I did ponder the fact this morning that I go in waves of what I like and dislike – for example, Maria’s crescendo thing is really driving me nuts right now, but I used to be totally annoyed by Aaron (this morning’s instructor) and he doesn’t really bother me all that much anymore.

The reason why today’s post is entitled, “Wobble, wobble” is because I was not steady today.  Wonder why some days your balance blows and other days it seems to be okay.  Strange.  Anyway, I totally wiped out during the prelims to hands to feet pose– fell back and landed on my ass and had to get up again.  It was awesome.  Awesomely embarassing!  That’s when you wish you weren’t in the front row!

Another sweet thing that happened today was after rabbit pose (or more appropriately named, smell-your-cleavage-pose), I was trying to redo my hair (it gets all jacked up because I have to move it so I can get into rabbit – I hate my hair on my neck – so it’s always in a bun) and my rubberband flew behind me and I couldn’t find it.  Then the chick behind me (who was gorgeous!) handed it to me.  After class I thanked her and told her that I couldn’t get my hair situated in Yoga (my hair hits just below my shoulders – so there’s a lot of it, but it’s thin) and always had to redo it after rabbit pose.  She said she understood and thought my rubberband was a bug flying at her. 

Today’s pose is Tree Pose or Tadasana.  This one is not so stellar because of the knee problem and the fact that my hips have decided that opening up is not something they’re into at the moment.  Oh well.  If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again! Namaste!

Day 55 – Yucky

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010
Wind Removing Pose Right Leg 2/22/10

Wind Removing Pose Right Leg 2/22/10

I wasn’t feeling smokin’ hot this morning in class.  Gas again.  Goddamn gas.  It really has to do with what I ate – I know – SHOCKER.  I take a class on Tuesday nights, so I ended up having some pasta and breadsticks that they had to eat.  Big mistake.  Bad idea.

So my genius ass got out of order on the poses again.  I should have done the wind removing pose (pavanamuktasana) after the tree pose.  Whoops.

Wind Removing Pose 1/8/2010

Wind Removing Pose 1/8/2010

So as we go backwards, here’s me in the wind removing pose – there’s really no reason to show the left leg, as it looks pretty similar, i.e. not pretty.

Not sure on the progress on this one.  My leg that is extended should have a flexed foot – foot flexed up – not pointing out as it is.  I do feel like my knee is getting closer to my shoulder.  The back of my neck, though, is not touching the floor – but I know it can!  I have gotten that far before.

I’m tired.  It’s late.  I’ve gotta get up at 6am.  Namaste.

Day 20 – Bye Bye January

Friday, January 29th, 2010

I walked into class today and I don’t know what it was about today’s class, but it was PACKED.  Pretty strange when I think about yesterday’s class was only 4 people other than me.  I’d say there were at least 20 folks in there today.  It really is random how it is sometimes packed and sometimes not.  I prefer the smaller classes, as you know if you read this blog.

Nonetheless, I was able to snag a spot in the front of the room, which was lucky, considering the amount of people in the class and me being late.  I guess I could be on time if i wanted to get up at 5:45am, but anything before 6am, is just simply brutal and more torture than I am willing to put myself through right now.  Hell, 6am 5 days a week is rough as it is.

Tree Pose

Tree Pose

This is the Tree Pose.  NOT A FAN.  This is definitely one of the hardest bikram yoga postures for me.  Instructors do offer different yoga positions that are alternatives to this one, but I’ve gotta master this puppy before I can move onto another one.  Look at the seriousness on my face.  I seriously put too much effort into this pose.  Maybe if I relaxed I would just get it!

So the idea is that your heel digs into the area that your leg meets with your pelvic area (mine barely gets up that far).  And you want both hands in front of your chest in prayer position.  Also,  you are NOT supposed to use a towel like I am to hold your freakin’ foot up.  But, my foot falls out of my hand (because of sweat), so I can never get it.  SO FREAKING ANNOYING.  Also, my two knees are supposed to be parallel to one another, but they’re not.  You cannot really tell that in the photo, but they aren’t!  I guess if you have problems really getting into this position then you have tight hips.  Who knew.  Wait a good 6 months for progression on this one, it’ll be awhile, friends.

Well, it’s Friday, so I have two days of rest.  Hallelujah.  This is also January 29th, so that means the 31st is on a Sunday, so Monday is February.  It’s crazy to think that one month is up!  I’ll give myself a pat on the back for making it.  I really only pussied out of one class on January 8.  That’s not a terrible track record.  So I made 18 classes this month.  Good job, Fatty, gotta ways to go!