Things You Didn’t Know About the Origins of Yoga

yogaYoga has long been considered an amazing and effective form of meditation and exercise for centuries. It has been proven to tone the body, calm and focus the mind, and flush out the toxins through sweat. However, most yoga practitioners have no idea about the origins of yoga.

The origin of yoga is actually quite interesting, and full of great trivia. For example, the term, “yoga” originates from the term yuj which is Sanskrit for “union of the atma (soul) with the Paramatma (the universal consciousness).  This means that the whole exercise of yoga is meant to connect your individual self to the universe around you, and seeks to create a bond between the two.

While there are so many different types and styles of practicing yoga these days, all of these types generally fall into one of four classifications:

  • Jhana yoga, which focuses on attaining a higher knowledge and discernment of you and your universe;
  • Karma yoga, which focuses on the selfless dedication of one’s self to work;
  • Bhakti yoga, which focuses on sharing and spreading love and spiritual love with your fellow man;
  • Raja yoga, which is the practice of meditation and physical healing through a system of movements and chants. The Raja yoga is actually the type of yoga that most people know and practice.

Whatever the method or type of yoga one practices, they all still remain faithful to the reason of the origins of yoga: as a way of creating a connection between one’s self and to a higher power, and to be able to create a connection, one must be focused, balanced and in tune with one’s self.

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